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breaking news. breaking news coming out of montgomery county where a charter bus w3has plunged off a sky reappear yamp. t-ixdçóit is 50 feet off the gr. just before it turns into a bridge, it is a high road next to an embankment.ztwe believe t where thisq bus rolled down the embankment. we can go to the video and see we are toldf the ubus slumped over in theokw, and at that point itqçóú3ct outf control and rolle"@á:9 the embankment. t(it is a 26-passengerko bus .
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it was carryingdudents on a3 e1we're told there is one witnesses tell us that is the driver of theuáip 6 c13 we're told a total of 12 people had to be treated for injuries, eight considered minor bumps and çócfájfñifábruises. xdnot life-threatening. threatening injuries. notko those were all left the children or some adults involved as well. it ua/ a9 terrible scene out here. we had a chance to talke1 to motorists that wereñi coming up their road onñi i-çó270 north. they said they saw a whitexd bl. one woman said that sheçó stoppd chd what she could to comfort them.
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traffic was a mess. police sayt( avoid 270 north. find an alternate route at this hour. q brad bell, thank you. a5i]employeesq from a movinguy this accident. phis accident. >> i was driving on 270 and therelp wasq tzcfic in front of me. ixd saw of a truck with emergeny signals. all the cars that were behind drove through. stopped andçó pulled up the children inside. we started help[ne them. we took four or five children out of the bus.
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the ramp? >>s7 no,jf i did not. witnessed and experience?tnxdçóy there. )t children, we tried to help them. >>t( how long before rescue workers arrived? >>ñi a fewñr minutes. afternoon. >> c)?pásv +jm is costing a major traffic headache. e1ñikogive us + " idea at the e of the back steps right now. where
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you'll find the big problems.3 fáseeing really heavy traffic. that is just when to get worse considering the 270 spur is compleâ=cked. native for you to take. you will just havefá to sitt and experience extremely long legion bridge, there really is +pezm9 bridge, there really is be able to access it. from silvert way, fáthat is completely open.(wjñl see slow traffic on 66 starting at 23.
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beltway. q people across the area preparing for flooding. first of all, let's get to our meteorologist to learn about the latest with this weather. >> we will go close in line of
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super doppler 7 for a moment to give you details of the local rain. most of it is off to the west to the metro area, so the remaining prolonged rush hour, at least it will be dry. let's go back to our storms can because this gives you the whole picture with the rain extending well sell to our area with heavy rains extending over north carolina, and that is headed in our direction. the heaviest rains will fall in the afternoon, but we have painted out where the flash flood watches are in effect. the entire area. add to that gale warnings on the day and wind advisories on the landing areas. we are expecting by the time the rain tapers off land and two of 5 inches of rain will fall across the highlighted area. 5 inches or more in parts of del mar. a little bit less when you get to the mountains. >> we have seen it before.
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even modest showers can cause problems for many folks around our area. >> with so much heavy rain expected in the hours to come, the trouble could be widespread. some assistance already available, and i understand. >> indeed. as we are live right now, d.c. public works employees are taking sandbags out of the big canister and putting them into the cars of residence. each household can get five sandbags. these 40 or 50-pound sandbags could potentially really make a difference for folks who have basements because, as you said, we could get a lot of rain soon. >> just being cautious. >> a steady flow of district residents picking up sandbags provided by the department of public works in anticipation of thursday's steady rainfall. >> this morning, the bags had not arrived yet, so we called, and i'm so glad we got here in time. >> the region is bracing for
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heavy rain to ride overnight and last for hours. flash flood watch and coastal flood watch have been called for in parts of the region, thanks to a tropical depression moving up the east coast. communities from florida northward are bracing for trouble. june major debtor 5 sandbags because the last time it rained hard here, she did not take advantage of the service and ended up with a flooded basement. >> i have been hearing a big storm coming. last time, i did not get the sandbags, and i did have a terrible flood. >> the city has about 4000 sandbags on hand right now, and i'm told that these guys are going to hand them out until they run out. we are at new jersey and i streets. >> thank you very much. you can track the progress of the storm and look at the latest forecast throughout the evening. just click on the weather to have had -- weather tab at
6:09 pm ." >> president obama wrapping u think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally
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in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ dance rock ] ♪ hey ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] the combination only honda could engineer. the all-new cr-z sport hybrid. ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] >> today, president obama continued his road trip across the country. >> the president missing no chances to talk politics. he faced some pointed questions about the economy, tax cuts, and
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health care during a backyard forum in iowa. the president says republicans are not speaking honestly to the american people. >> the other side -- what it is really offering is the same policy from 2001 through 2009. but of heart problems. >> republicans taking advantage of the anti-incumbency mood. polls in clinton and now the leaders are of the three points. >> a south carolina republican says he is considering a run for president in 2012. he says he still has a long way from making his decision. he says he will not make a final decision until next year. thune is 49 years old and is running unopposed for a second term in the senate. >> his medical team says jimmy carter's in good spirits, but
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because of his element, he has cancelled several appearances. mr. carter is under close observation. the 85-year-old former president took ill during an atlanta to cleveland flight yesterday. >> when abc 7 news continues, all aboard. planning to transport hundreds or thousands of supporters to a rally next month. >> doug is back to tell us how long flooding could be a problem for the area. with all the rain, trying to get to the game tonight will be as hard as trying to sign adam done. also the latest on clinton for this. also the latest on clinton for this. why did he go
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my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward.
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>> hoping for a ride to the rally hosted by jon stewart adn stephen colbert are in luck. anyone showing up to this office can get a free ride to the october 30 rally.
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the competing rallies will take place on the national mall. >> everyone is going to show up at huffington posey plays. >> "we are ready for the bus ride." >> "here we are." >> ready for the rain? a lot of things to talk about -- you should give yourself plenty of extra time if you're going to be driving or even going to be at metro and the time outdoors in the morning because rush-hour traffic will be heavily impacted. the rain is pretty scattered at the moment. most elements are west of the metro area. that is good for the horrible rush hour. rain will come later this evening. we know that just by a simple look at our storms can, which shows the doppler radar is up and down the east coast, and we explained this to you yesterday -- the origination for the moisture is the north western caribbean. for a while, we had tropical storm nicole. that has completely dissipated.
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a new area of low pressure trying to form now off the carolina coast. what is going to happen between now and late afternoon tomorrow is we will have surges of heavy rain. other areas of rain continued move from south to north, and because of that, we are in a potential flood situation. a lot of maine is going to fall around the region. let's give you some totals right now. 67 degrees right now at patuxent river. some of our boats through north carolina show quite a bit of rain. wilmington shows 3.3 inches for the day. let's go to the board and take care of our housekeeping numbers. 69 and 61, the high and low today. 0.04 inches of rain. here is the spread. flash flood watches in effect, flood warnings in effect. gale warnings along the coast, and for the shores of the chesapeake bay, the land areas
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surrounding the bay, wind advisory in effect as well. by the time it tapers off, we are talking two to five-inch amounts somewhere in our viewing area with higher amounts over here as this relentless surge with gusting winds will overspread the region. the rain will be heaviest between 9:00 and midnight tonight. that will last until about 9:00 tomorrow morning, and that is when we will pick up the bulk of the precipitation. an enormous slug of moisture from the caribbean straight up the east coast. most of the country is virtually cloud-free. all this moisture we have to deal with, and deal with it we will with amounts of two the 5 inches. a quick look at the seven-day. sunshine returns on friday. cooler over the weekend. brief shower on sunday, but generally, cooler weather pattern of cool, on whether as we head into the weekend and beyond. -- cool, autumn weather.
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>> mr. portis ok? >> he was not after the game. that certainly was obvious. the redskins went back to work today after a much-needed day off to purge and get rid of that loss to the rams. clinton portis is still listed as the first-string running back. there were a lot of questions after he went down without being touched last week on that run, and everyone was wondering if he would still have his spot. appears he has some weakness in his wrist that was visible today. maybe ball security was an issue an issuec.p. is still running -- but c.p. is still running with the first team. >> not long ago, donovan mcnabb thought he would play -- never thought he would play against
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his team of 11 years, but he always anticipated the day against friend and former teammate michael vick. >> i knew we would play against each other. that is the type of teammate he was. >> their history goes back even farther than mcnabb's career. >> michael is a human being. he is a man, and he is a hard worker. one thing that i wanted to do was give a guy an opportunity -- give him a second chance. >> vick threw three touchdowns and ran for another last week against jacksonville. safe to say the old vick is back and perhaps better than other. >> he is a great athlete. >> the redskins will have more than michael vick to worry about. they will face standout running back mccoy. >> when you have two guys that can stretch a field like that, take a lot of defenders, it presents a threat.
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>> the eagles are a huge six- point favorite. michael vick really has not faced anyone yet but the jaguars and the winless lions. john wall smiling well gilbert has that quirky new on the court persona. we asked the other guard which guy is really the leader of this ballclub. >> right now, we are not worried about it. this is our team, our season. it is not like one man is going to take the fall if things do not go good or one guy is going to get all the credit. if we are going to do this, we do this together. >> if this rain holds off, their final home game of the season, and everyone is talking about the walk of home run adam done
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ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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>> we continue to follow a breaking news story out of montgomery county where a tour bus drove off a ramp, ended near the northbound lanes of i-270 in bethesda. >> witnesses tell us the driver is dead and 12 others were injured in the crash. the bus was carrying students on a field trip from carlisle, pennsylvania. tune in tonight at 11:00 for much more. you can also look for updates on our website, >> take a look at the rain headed this way. not much rain right now, and maybe the nationals will get lucky to get a whole game in, but play fast because more rain is coming tonight. the timeline shows the heaviest will develop between 9:00 p.m. and midnight tonight and the last overnight until about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, and during that time, two to 5 inches of rain could fall. >> that was the sports and the weather together. >>
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